Gothica: An Alternative Fashion Show

By Geek Girl Productions (other events)

Sunday, February 12 2012 8:00 PM 11:00 PM
Gothica: An Alternative Fashion Show
Sunday, February 12th, 2012, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM at Delancey Lounge, New York, NY


Every year, designers and fashionistas meet at a week long celebration of color, style and design. Housed now in the magnificent Lincoln Center, New York’s Fashion Week perfectly uses the open space and fresh air that only that particular venue can provide.

But, as with all things, there is a darker side to the New York fashion scene.

Presented by the beautiful and multi-talented Attica Wilde to live music by the intoxicating Danny Blu, ‘Gothica’ offers an alternative to the airy spaces and colorful designs that will be displayed at Lincoln Center. Focusing on Gothic inspired fashions, Geek Girl Productions brings to stage some of the most talented alternative designers in the city. While Fashion Week will be celebrated in the day, ‘Gothica’ will be celebrated at night. While the designers at Lincoln Center celebrate the lightness of their designs, ‘Gothica’ will revel in the dark.

'Gothica’ will be a Gothic themed alternative fashion show held at the Delancey Lounge in Manhattan. Just a short walk from the Delancey Street F or the Essex Street J, M or Z, the Delancey Lounge is located at 168 Delancey, New York, NY. Admission is $15 at the door or $10 in advance at


Amazing Attire focuses on crafting your dreams into reality. Each design is made by hand, whether they are sequined corsets, scale mail skirts or cascading gowns. Amazing Attire draws inspiration from the historic and the realm of the fantastic and has made a firm and fast impression on the fashion scene.

Brina Stella has recently returned to New York after scouring the fashion scene of Argentina. A veritable tornado of inspiration, Brina draws from music to create fashions that are bold, extravagant, and guaranteed to take you to the another level, where you’ll view clothes from an entirely new perspective.

Lei’Cole Creations aims to tease out the inner burlesque fashions hidden in your everyday style. Whether you’re looking for that finishing flair for a night out on the town or something sinfully sweet to show your honey, Lei’Cole Creations has what you’ll need to titillate any taste.

Mark Tauriello uses his designs to reverse the role of the woman as a victim, turning them into ‘scary monsters’. Exploring the boundaries of the space that surrounds each of his garments and choosing solid colors that provide bold contrasts, Mark’s designs create a unique feeling of intrigued uneasiness.

Strange Vixens creates designs that invoke the world of the femme fatale. Creating fierce street fashions, extravagant evening wear and sensual lingerie, Strange Vixens prepares any woman for days of intrigue and nights full of seduction.


Danny Blu and his factory are hard at work in NYC combining shock-rock and pop into one, ass-kicking show. They regularly perform in and around NYC and are currently working on a sophomore album. Danny’s first album, “Do Your Worst” is now available on iTunes and has been hailed as “a hard-hitting, sexy album that everyone should experience.”


Attica Wilde is a pink haired shock to the system. As outrageous as her hair color, Attica Wilde is a alternative model, fashion show coordinator and aspiring burlesque performer with an eye on world domination. Keep cool guys, this girl is just as her name states: wild.

For more information regarding this event, or to speak with Christopher Lee, please call him at 646.580.GEEK (4335) or email him at [email protected]